Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns

The anatomical region of teeth that is typically covered in enamel is called a dental crown. After growing beneath the gingiva and then bursting into position, the crown is typically visible in the mouth.

An artificial crown can be placed by a dentist if a tooth is cracked or chipped in some places. Most frequently, artificial crowns are utilized to completely encase an implant or a broken tooth. If one or more teeth are missing, a bridge can also be utilized to fill in the gap. They are fixed to adjacent healthy teeth or dental implants where the missing tooth once was. Various materials, such as a form of cement or stainless steel, may be employed. The stainless steel crowns are silver in color, while the cement crowns resemble natural teeth.

All the Dentists at Dental Studio Group are highly experienced and have received significant training in the creation of the most realistic dental crowns you will ever see – our quality dental crowns frequently survive many years, longer than the standard dental crown.

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